Committee Information

How to volunteer for a committee

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Collaborations & Partnerships (task force)
  • Chair: Jen Sweet
  • Board Liaison: Shannon Milligan
The Collaborations & Partnerships explores how AALHE and other professional organizations in functional areas related to assessment can foster mutually beneficial collaborations.
  • Chair: Courtney Vengrin
  • Vice-Chair: Mindy James
  • Board Liaison: Steven Hawks
The Communications Committee coordinates and disseminates information through engagement in social networking. This includes promoting events and opportunities through social media and other outlets.

  • Chair: TBD
  • Vice-Chair: Josie Welsh
The Conference Committee plans and carries out the annual Association conference.

Executive Committee
  • Members: Andre Foisy, Jane Marie Souza, Josie Welsh
The Executive Committee consists of the President-Elect, the current President, and the Past President/Treasurer. Its responsibilities include assuring the continued and effective operation of standing committees; monitoring progress towards the strategic objectives and making recommendations to the board to assure progress; planning the agenda for board meetings; regularly consulting with the President on operational decisions and carrying out executive functions as designated by the President; and planning and overseeing regular communications with membership.

  • Chair: Jeremy Penn
  • Vice-Chair: Jane Marie Souza
The Finance Committee reviews financial and budget documents; makes policy recommendations regarding financial and budget policies; considers the needs of the Association regarding growth and stability and makes policy recommendations on the structure and activities of the Association.
  • Chair: Eric Riedel
  • Vice-Chair: Moreen Carvan
The Infrastructure Committee ensures viability of the organization by managing the website, Board nominations and elections, and branding.

Knowledge Development (task force)
  • Chair: Terri Flateby
  • Vice-chair: Yuerong Sweetland
  • Board Liaison: Emily Turner
The President's Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Chair: Divya Bheda
The President’s Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’s mission is to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) among assessment practitioners and among the members of the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE). The committee reports directly to the President and provides this person with recommendations on how to promote DEI in relation to all functions of the organization. The committee also provides consultation to existing AALHE committees to support them as they integrate DEI principles into their work.

Professional Development
  • Chair: Patti Gregg
  • Board Liaison: Monica Stitt-Bergh

The Professional Development Committee coordinates and develops events other than the annual conference for professional development and the advancement of knowledge. It includes the following sub-committees:

  • Certification: Continue exploration of an AALHE-sponsored credentialing program for assessment professionals.
  • MATCH: Connect assessment scholars and practitioners with similar expertise, experience, ideas, and/or research interests and encourage their collaboration.
  • Webinar: Scout talent and new, interesting topics to produce a continuous calendar of webinars for AALHE members and the wider assessment community.
  • Book Club: Run the AALHE-sponsored book club
  • Chair, Intersection: Kathleen Gorski
  • Vice-Chair, Intersection: Amy Topper
  • Co-Chair, Emerging Dialogues: Kristin Buscher
  • Co-Chair, Emerging Dialogues: Mary Tkatchov

The Publications Committee coordinates and develops publications on student learning assessment for professional development and the advancement of knowledge.
Recruitment & Retention
  • Chair: Fiona Chrystall
  • Vice-Chair: Curtis Jefferson
  • Board Liaison: Tara Rose
Recruitment & Retention analyzes membership data, recruits & retains members. The committee makes recommendations of the conditions under which membership is established and renewed. This committee also manages Member volunteers and directs the annual survey of members.