Committee Information

How to volunteer for a committee

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Collaborations & Partnerships

  • Chair: Shannon Milligan
  • Vice-Chair: Jen Sweet

The Collaborations & Partnerships explores how AALHE and other professional organizations in functional areas related to assessment can foster mutually beneficial collaborations.



  • Chair: Jamie Wigand
  • Vice-Chair: Andre Foisy

The Conference Committee plans and carries out the annual Association conference.


Professional Development

  • Chair: Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • Vice-Chair: Patti Gregg

The Professional Development Committee coordinates and develops events other than the annual conference for professional development and the advancement of knowledge. It includes the following sub-committees:

  • Certification: Continue exploration of an AALHE-sponsored credentialing program for assessment professionals.
  • MATCH: Connect assessment scholars and practitioners with similar expertise, experience, ideas, and/or research interests and encourage their collaboration.
  • Webinar: Scout talent and new, interesting topics to produce a continuous calendar of webinars for AALHE members and the wider assessment community.
  • Book Club: Run the AALHE-sponsored book club


Executive Committee

  • Members: Jane Marie Souza, Jeremy Penn, Andre Foisy, Jamie Wigand

The Executive Committee consists of the President-Elect, the current President, and the Past President/Treasurer. Its responsibilities include assuring the continued and effective operation of standing committees; monitoring progress towards the strategic objectives and making recommendations to the board to assure progress; planning the agenda for board meetings; regularly consulting with the President on operational decisions and carrying out executive functions as designated by the President; and planning and overseeing regular communications with membership.



  • Chair: Josie Welsh
  • Vice-Chair: Jeremy Penn

The Finance Committee reviews financial and budget documents; makes policy recommendations regarding financial and budget policies; considers the needs of the Association regarding growth and stability and makes policy recommendations on the structure and activities of the Association.



  • Chair: Joan Hawthorne
  • Vice-Chair: Eric Riedel

The Infrastructure Committee ensures viability of the organization by managing the website, Board nominations and elections, and branding.


Knowledge Development (task force)

  • Chair: Terri Flateby
  • Vice-chair: Yuerong Sweetland



  • Chair: Kathleen Gorski

The Publications Committee coordinates and develops publications on student learning assessment for professional development and the advancement of knowledge.


Recruitment & Retention

  • Chair: Tara Rose
  • Vice-Chair: Fiona Chrystall

Recruitment & Retention analyzes membership data, recruits & retains members. The committee makes recommendations of the conditions under which membership is established and renewed. This committee also manages Member volunteers and directs the annual survey of members.



  • Chair: Steven Hawks
  • Vice-Chair: Courtney Vengrin

The Communications Committee coordinates and disseminates information through engagement in social networking. This includes promoting events and opportunities through social media and other outlets.