Assessment Resources

Welcome to this list of assessment resources.  The resources you see in this list were submitted by ASSESS listserv members as favorite sites they consult when searching for useful assessment information.  We have listed these sites under headings that seem appropriate and meaningful for assessment professionals, and we have double-checked to make sure all the links work.  Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement by AALHE, although it may be an endorsement by one ASSESS listserv member.  This list is not intended to be inclusive of all sites or even all "good" sites that address a topic.  It is a list of "favorite" sites, and we hope some of them may become your favorites too.

This is meant to be a living document, which means that we encourage you to help us keep it useful and updated. If you have other frequently-used links that you’d recommend for inclusion, please let us know.  If you find links that don’t work or go to sites that seem unlikely to address the needs of most AALHE members, please let us know that too.  Offer your suggestions/input at [email protected] .

List of Sections

Academic Assessment:

Student Affairs Assessment:

Administrative Unit Assessment:

Faculty Development:

Strategic Planning:

Program Review:

Assessment Tool Box:


Curriculum Mapping:

Assessment Templates:


Data and Analytics:

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