Emerging Dialogues Guidelines for Publication


The mission of Emerging Dialogues is to discuss the challenges that higher education professionals face today. It is intended to be a platform for original or responsive articles focused on student learning assessment that are relevant and thought-provoking while also being well-reasoned and supported by diverse experience or research.

AALHE’s Emerging Dialogues will publish timely and quality articles that:

  • advance the conversation on student learning assessment;
  • promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity in higher education through culturally responsive and socially just assessment;
  • assist our readers in their current practice by providing concrete and practical examples;
  • inspire an exchange of ideas on assessment topics via social media and other platforms; and
  • embrace diverse perspectives and experiences.

We are seeking authors to write about current emerging themes (dialogues, if you will) in assessment. We encourage people to send us articles they have written, as well as formal responses to previously published pieces.

Guidelines for Publication:

  • Submissions should be of general appeal to those who are interested in student learning assessment in higher education.
  • Types of articles considered a fit for Emerging Dialogues include: Op-eds, Reflections, Personal Narratives.
  • Submissions can be submitted anytime throughout the year as there are no deadlines; articles are typically published during the academic year (August – May).
  • Our expectation is that submissions are under 1200 words, which aligns with our purpose to provide readable and consumable articles to share and discuss. Longer pieces may also be considered.
  • All submissions must have a clear message or theme and be well-organized.  Also, attention to grammar and punctuation appropriate for professional publication is expected, and APA style guidelines must be followed.
  • All articles submitted to Emerging Dialogues will undergo a committee review.

Additional Guidelines for Formal Responses to an Original Publication:

  • Formal responses follow the guidelines for publication above.
  • Responses need to address key points from the initial publication, providing an explicit dialogue between the pieces. Responses should identify the date and name of the published piece they are addressing.
To submit an article for consideration, please complete the Emerging Dialogues submission form.