Assessment Learning Exchange

A collaborative exchange among AALHE members

Assessment Learning Exchange (ALE) is a gathering of assessment practitioners to informally share experiences, reflect on one’s own practices, gather new ideas, and experience a sense of community through themed conversations. Initiated in 2020, ALE aims to match AALHE members for themed assessment conversations. In ALE, participants exchange their experiences, listen, receive feedback, and engage in wondering and pondering about a pre-selected focal topic. 

Engage Faculty and Build Partnerships for Collaborative Assessment

The Assessment Learning Exchange (ALE) Committee invites all members of AALHE, seasoned or new assessment practitioners, to join our gatherings on the topic: Engage Faculty and Build Partnerships for Collaborative Assessment. 

Save the Date: 8/7/2024, 3-4:15pm ET / 2-3:15pm CT / 12-1:15pm PT

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In this ALE gathering, you will interact with colleagues through informal conversations in small breakout rooms of 6-8 people and explore questions such as:

  • How to engage faculty who are resistant to change? 
  • How to build personal and professional relationships?
  • What activities or strategies to engage faculty in the collaborative assessment process?
  • What partners on campus to build alliances with? How?

Come and share your questions, successes, and challenges; offer feedback to others; and take away concrete strategies, tips, and examples offered by dozens of assessment practitioners. Contact [email protected] for any questions.

Reserve your calendar for the upcoming ALEs

  • Nov 13, 2024: 3:00-4:15 ET


Who can participate?

AALHE members.

Do I need to be an expert on the topic?

No, certainly not! You should have some experience with the topic so you can contribute to the conversation and can ask questions.

Can you explain how this works?

In each ALE session, you will join 3 to 6 peers in a Zoom breakout room and converse about a pre-selected focal topic/issue and its subtopics. The facilitator will guide the discussions on:

  • Successful strategies that you carried out or experienced.
  • Challenges that you experience and one area that you would like feedback on
  • Exchange of ideas and thoughts
  • Summarizing group take-aways   

Tip: before each conversation, prepare one experience to share (a learning moment or a moment you’d like advice on) and one area that you want to seek feedback.

How will we meet? What technology is needed?

The ALE will take place in Zoom breakout rooms each with 3-6 participants in facilitated informal conversations in breakout rooms, representing different topical areas or context.

What will I get out of the ALE?

Participation in the ALE will help you:

  • enhance your practice while helping others to do increasingly valuable assessment work;
  • develop new networks, meet new people, and strengthen bonds;
  • advance the professionalism of assessment practitioners and scholars;
  • contribute to scholarships that will advance the field.

Some ALE conversations may seed larger projects or longer-term collaborations. We encourage you to consider how your ALE conversations could result in an AALHE conference presentation, webinar, workshop, or article in an AALHE publication.

Who can I contact for more information?
Email us at [email protected]

Recent ALE Topics:

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