Assessment Learning Exchange

A collaborative exchange among AALHE members

If you are interested in improving assessment practices or advancing the scholarship of assessment and learning, we invite you to join the Assessment Learning Exchange (ALE). Initiated in 2020, this project matches AALHE members for themed assessment conversations.

In 2022, ALE will match participants with different peers for monthly 60-minute conversations in May, June, and July. During the conversation, participants exchange their experiences, listen, receive feedback, and engage in wondering and pondering about a pre-selected focal topic.

Who can participate?
AALHE members who commit to attending three 60-minute conversations

When is the deadline to sign up?
Thursday, April 21, 2022

How do people sign-up?
Complete the registration form here:

What will we talk about?
A focal topic is provided, and your conversation can go wherever you and the others want to take it. When you register, you will select the topic area (listed below) of your top interest. The Assessment Learning Exchange sub-committee will do our best to match you based on your topic choice. The focal topic stays the same each meeting: the people and the ideas change.

  • Assessment and Curriculum (e.g., curriculum alignment, assessment for teaching and learning)
  • Assessment Loop (e.g., promoting use of assessment results, implementing continuous improvement cycle, implementing actions plans)
  • Assessment Plan Creation (e.g., consider context and consequences when helping faculty create an assessment plan, identify the parts of an assessment plan)
  • Open Discussion (discuss whatever the participants want to share)

When will we meet?
The conversation dates and times are below.

Participants are required to attend all three conversations. We apologize in advance that we cannot accommodate everyone's schedule.

  1. Thursday, May 26, 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern
  2. Thursday, June 23, 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern
  3. Thursday, July 28, 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern

Do I need to be an expert on the topic?
No, certainly not! You should have some experience with the topic so you can contribute to the conversation and can ask questions.

Can you explain how this works?
Here’s an example of an ALE conversation: the focal topic was rubrics (YouTube video, 12 minutes).

Each month, we match you with up to four people. In a small group, using video conferencing capabilities (Google Hangouts, Zoom, Webex, etc.), you converse about a pre-selected focal topic/issue. The following month, you’re matched with up to four different people, and you converse about the focal topic. In the third and final month, you’re matched with up to four different people. Again, the focal topic stays the same: the people and the ideas change.

Tip: before each conversation, prepare one experience to share (a learning moment or a moment you’d like advice on) and one area that you want to seek feedback.

How will we meet? What technology is needed?
You, or one of your matches, will act as the host for the meeting.  Hosts will select the virtual conferencing platform (e.g., CISCO Webex, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom) and distribute a meeting link. You will need an internet or phone connection.
Hosts will also provide a brief agenda and some starting discussion questions. Here is a link to the guidelines for hosts:  

What will I get out of the ALE?
Participation in the ALE will help you

  • enhance your practice while helping others to do increasingly valuable assessment work;
  • develop new networks, meet new people, and strengthen bonds;
  • advance the professionalism of assessment practitioners and scholars;
  • contribute to scholarship that will advance the field.

Some ALE conversations may seed larger projects or longer-term collaborations. We encourage you to consider how your ALE “learningful” conversations could result in an AALHE conference presentation, webinar, workshop, or article in an AALHE publication.

What is the commitment?
You must be committed to attending all three, 60-minute meetings and to completing a short evaluation survey. Your colleagues will be counting on you to attend, so please be respectful when signing up.

You will share your email address and phone number; we and other participants promise to keep your contact information confidential.

What else should I know?
Space is limited. Please sign up only if you are committed to participation and can attend on the arranged Thursdays. Others will be counting on you.

Who can I contact for more information?
Email us at [email protected]

Yao Hill (Chair), ALE Subcommittee
Coral Bender, ALE Subcommittee Member
Steven Hawks, ALE Subcommittee Member
Caroline Prendergast, ALE Subcommittee Member