Assessment Book Club

Join your AALHE colleagues as we discuss assessment-related books chosen by members. In the meetings, we will discuss the selected book and respond to questions posed by the discussion leader. This summer, we are going to focus on one book with select chapters divided over our summer meetings. Meetings will be held via Zoom with discussions at varied times to accommodate those joining from different time zones.

Selected Book

The book we will be reading this summer is Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education: Diverse Approaches to Addressing Accreditation Standards, edited by Dr. Jane Marie Souza and Dr. Tara Rose; the editors are donating all royalties to AALHE.

The book is available for purchase at many book sellers including Stylus Publishing and Amazon.

Attendees registered for the AALHE 2021 Online Conference prior to May 24 were sent a complimentary copy of the book by mail in early June. Attendees registered for the AALHE 2021 Online Conference after May 24 will receive  a complimentary copy of the book in July. 


Complete this Assessment Book Club Registration Form to join the discussion dates below. Make plans to attend one discussion or attend them all! Details and a reminder will be sent out prior to each meeting and AALHE Members may access the Book Club recordings via the Webinar Library. The Assessment Book Club is open to AALHE members only. Become an AALHE Member today to participate!

Discussion Dates 

Tuesday, June 29 - 10 AM EDT Chapter 5: Indigenous Assessment: Cultural Relevancy in Assessment of Student Learning
Tuesday, June 29 - 4 PM EDT Chapter 7: A Systematic Approach to Building a Culture of Assessment: A Multiyear, Cohort-Based Professional Development Model
Monday, July 26 - 4 PM EDT Chapter 8: Introducing Assessment-Task Choice in an Online Bachelor's Course
Thursday, July 29 - 10 AM EDT Chapter 15: Giving Life to Institutional Student Learning Outcomes
Tuesday, August 17 - 9 AM EDT Chapter 14: Designing and Assessing Cocurricular Strategies to Promote Personal and Professional Development
Thursday, August 19 - 4 PM EDT Chapter 18: Transforming From Within: Strategic Planning as a Tool for Institutional Reflection, Direction, and Transformation



  • What if I've already read this book? - Great! We would like to encourage you to volunteer to help lead the discussion, develop one to two questions, and discuss highlights about the reading.
  • What if I didn't read the reading but I want to be at the discussion? - Great! We can't all talk at once in an hour-long book discussion, so feel free to join in and listen along.
  • What if I can't meet at these times? - We can't accommodate everyone's schedule. The Zoom meetings will be recorded and added to the Webinar Library for anyone who cannot participate.

Questions? Please email Kristina Lantzky-Eaton at [email protected].