Join your AALHE colleagues as we discuss assessment-related books chosen by members. In the meetings, we will discuss the selected book and respond to questions posed by the discussion leader.

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Summer Book Club 2019

The book we will be reading has been selected by popular vote. The book of the summer will be Measure What Matters by John Doerr. The book is available at many book retailers online and in brick and mortar stores.

Meetings will be held monthly via Zoom and conversations will also be ongoing using the Slack platform.

If you want to participate, please email Courtney Vengrin ([email protected]).

Summer Book Club Dates

Dates and reading schedule:
June 25th – 3pm Eastern – Chapters 1-7
July 30th – 3pm Eastern – Chapters 8-14
August 27th – 3pm Eastern – Chapters 15-21
Details and a reminder will be sent out prior to each meeting.  

Previous Book Club Meetings


What if I've already read this book? - Great! We would like to encourage you to volunteer to help lead the discussion, develop 1-2 questions and highlights about the reading. Please reach out to Courtney ([email protected]) let her know if you are able to pose questions or highlights about the reading.

What if I didn't read the reading but I want to hear the discussion? - Great! We can't all talk at once in an hour book discussion, so feel free to join in and listen along.

What if I can't meet at these times? - With close to 200 people we can't meet everyone's schedule. The Zoom meetings will be recorded for anyone that cannot participate and our Slack communication option is open 24/7 so we hope you can engage there!

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