Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education
Elections Procedures for Board Members and President

The Infrastructure Committee (IC) chair opens nominations to the board in January (approximately two months before the March election). Preparation begins in November with the IC collecting and/or updating information on current board members. Categories board members should address (in a bullet-point list) include
  • Teaching
  • Faculty development (assessment and other)
  • Academic assessment
  • Accreditation region/experiences
  • Finance/budget/non-profit management background and/or experience
  • Assessment of non-academic programs (student affairs, other)
  • Marketing/advancement
  • Type of institution you’re at and have previous experience with
  • Educational technologies/online/hybrid
  • Publication oversight/editing/research experience
  • Anything else you think you should add?

Board members have a discussion of needed skills/experiences during a December board meeting.

In January, nominations to new board seats are solicited from board members and all active volunteers on committees and sub-committees. Potential nominators are provided with information about the work of board members, the skills identified as needed for the board, and the requirement for board approval of the slate submitted for member vote. Board members also nominate for the presidency, and only board members can nominate for that position. All nominees must be current, active AALHE members.

The IC chair confirms with candidates that they have accepted the proposed nomination and collects rough draft biographies (see details below) from proposed nominees.

All proposed nominations (with rough draft biographies) will then go to the board for approval of a slate in February. It is important to note that the board may choose to select a final nomination slate based on diversity, geographic location, institution type, and skill needed. In other words, not all proposed nominations are necessarily added to the final nomination slate.

Each nominee provides a short biography/statement (maximum 400 words) for inclusion on the electronic ballot. All nominees will be presented in similar formatting, in alphabetical order by last name, and placed on the ballot. No photos of nominees will be used on the ballot. Nominees must address the following in their biography/statement:

  • Current position, institution/organization, and any previous positions related to assessment for learning;
  • Statement describing their personal interest in AALHE;
  • Statement of what their goals would be as an AALHE Board Member;
  • History of involvement with AALHE, AALHE committees, AALHE subcommittees, and or ad-hoc committees;
  • Skills, connections, resources, and expertise they have to offer and how these will benefit AALHE;
  • Comment on how you can help AALHE achieve the values described in the Values Statement (attached);
  • Please do not include any links in the statement.

Elections will open March 15th and remain open for three weeks. The IC Chair will manage this process.

Elections will be conducted through an online survey tool using the email addresses on file with the Association. All members (including board members) are eligible to cast votes.

Members can only vote for a nominee, not against a nominee. Winners are those nominees receiving the most votes. For example, if two board seats are available and there are four nominees, the two nominees with the largest number of votes will win the two board seats.

In early April, after elections close, results are counted/confirmed by the IC chair and past president. Ties or questions about the results will be presented to the board for decision. Results are shared with nominees and board by IC chair and with copy to president.

Results of elections will be announced at the annual membership meeting (business meeting) held at the annual conference. The terms of new board members and presidents are effective immediately after the announcement.

Annual Timeline

November Board members are reminded to update their “board member information” as posted in Basecamp.
December Board reviews board membership terms and determines number, if any, of seats that will become vacant during upcoming year. The board will determine the skills needed for any vacant seats. The IC chair will send criteria to Committee Chairs.
January Nominations for new board members or president are accepted. Nominations are due two weeks prior to the February board meeting.
February Final slate approved by the board.
March IC chair works with nominees to collect their statements for electronic ballot. Online survey created. IC chair sends out elections ballot to all active members of AALHE.
April Election closes early April. Election results are tallied by IC chair and past president and shared with board at the next Board meeting. Winners are informed.
June Results of elections are announced at the annual membership meeting held during the association’s annual conference.