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Spring Break Book Club: Build-a-GPT
Thursday, March 21, 2024, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM CDT
Category: Other Events

The AALHE Book Club is excited to host a Spring Article Discussion Session 
Thursday, March 21, 2024, from 1:30–3:00pm CT / 2:30-4:00pm ET 
Online via Zoom. Open to AALHE members.

The inaugural spring session will discuss the 2022 article, “Assessment in the age of artificial intelligence” by Swiecki et al.  This session will begin by delving into how artificial intelligence (AI) can help assessment leaders (faculty, staff, administrators) address assessment challenges.  The latter part of the session will be a workshop where we’ll showcase chatGPT’s vast capabilities for higher education professionals. You’ll see live demos of creating AI-generated fact books around student success metrics, answering natural language questions, building simulated datasets, and customizing chatbot behaviors for different institutional needs. Then we’ll break into groups where you can create your own chatGPT instance and test its knowledge retention and potential biases. Teach it facts and policies and assess how well it adheres to programmed behaviors. Whether you’re an assessment expert, IT specialist, faculty member, or administrator, this session will allow you to unleash your creativity with this promising new technology.

Get free access to the article by clicking here.

Dr. Reem Jaafar will facilitate the discussion of the article and Viktoria Popova will lead the workshop portion of the session.

Reem Jaafar
Dr. Reem Jaafar serves as the chair of the book club at AALHE. She is a mathematics professor at LaGuardia Community College, where she is the Co-PI and Director of Research for the Queens STEM Academy, a $4.6 million project enhancing equity, access, and completion in STEM. Dr. Jaafar spearheaded the college's strategic plan in 2018 and co-led a successful MSCHE self-study. She has secured competitive funding to enact programs focused on enhancing equity. With diverse certifications in areas like inclusive teaching and project management, Dr. Jaafar employs an evidence-based approach to advancing strategic goals.

Viktoria Popova - Centenary University
In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, my path has been anything but linear. It's a journey through a kaleidoscope of disciplines: from the intricate word-webs of lexicography to the nuanced realms of qualitative and quantitative data analysis. I delve into content analysis with a detective's keen eye, and in the world of software, I sculpt user experiences and architecture with an artist’s touch. My foray into AI assessment and implementation isn't just about algorithms; it's about how these digital frontiers intersect with the human experience. This eclectic tapestry of skills, rooted in a liberal arts education, reflects not just a career but a lifelong fascination with how different strands of knowledge weave together to create something unexpected and impactful.

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