Announcing Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education

Exemplars of AssessmentWe are excited to announce AALHE Board Members and Past Presidents Dr. Jane Marie Souza and Dr. Tara Rose co-edited Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education: Diverse Approaches to Addressing Accreditation Standards. The book was released in June 2021 and is now available through Stylus Publishing. The editors, Jane Marie Souza and Tara Rose are generously donating all royalties to AALHE.

The book is organized in four parts. Part One is focused on student learning and assessment and includes ten chapters. The primary focus for Part Two is student learning assessment from a disciplinary perspective and includes four chapters. Part Three has a faculty engagement and assessment focus, and Part Four includes four chapters on institutional effectiveness and assessment, with a focus on strategic planning.

The book informed the AALHE 2021 Conference theme Exemplars, Encores, and Enigmas and each attendee of the online conference in June received a copy of the book. Editors Jane Marie Souza and Tara Rose delivered a keynote Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education at the conference, reflecting on the learning from the 20 chapters in the book.

Get your copy of Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education today!