AALHE 2020 Online Presenter FAQ

Who is the audience for this conference?

AALHE’s Annual Assessment Conference has drawn nearly 500 attendees from assessment and higher education backgrounds in the past. Attendees are institutional leaders and academics, Directors of Assessment, Administrators within Institutional Effectiveness departments, as well as experts in student learning and assessment, assessment systems, higher education systems. This year, we hope to diversify and expand the conference reach to a broader audience who may not previously have been able to attend the in-person conference.

As a presenter, do I need to register for this conference?

Yes. We ask that all presenters register for the conference by May 15th to confirm their session. Presenters and attendees must be registered for AALHE 2020 Online to obtain a user login for the Conference Community website.

Will AALHE cover any of my expenses?

The AALHE Board of Directors is offering a 50% grant towards presenters' registration. We understand that many of our peers in higher education assessment are experiencing disruptions in their work lives with a continued need for professional development, so our Board of Directors has been hard at work crafting opportunities to make AALHE 2020 Online accessible to all.  When registering, presenters may choose to take the scholarship or pay full registration and donate the scholarship to support the attendance of an assessment professional in financial need.

Where will the conference program be posted?

The conference schedule, presenters’ profiles, and session materials will be available at the AALHE 2020 Online conference website here - https://aalhe.connectedcommunity.org. Presenters and attendees must be registered for AALHE 2020 Online to obtain a user login for the conference website. Through your profile, you can connect with attendees and speakers, communicate with connections, and view the conference schedule. Additionally, the program may be viewed here: https://www.aalhe.org/2020-online-conference-program

How do I find out when I am scheduled to present?

Presenters have been emailed with the conference schedule. If you have not received the email, or if you are unable to present at the scheduled time, you are encouraged to contact [email protected] as soon as possible. The conference website will have a listing of confirmed sessions that will include the time, date, and Zoom information.

Will my presentation be live streamed or recorded?

AALHE 2020 Online will involve live webinar-style sessions, live discussions, asynchronous sessions, and hybrid presentations. Those session types that rely on group engagement and discussion will be live-online. Papers, Symposia, and Posters will be On Demand and available throughout the duration of the conference. Skill Development, Dialogues, and Roundtables will have live, scheduled sessions delivered via Zoom.

What types of sessions will use an On Demand (pre-recorded) presentation?

Presenters with single papers and posters are asked to provide a video presentation in the form of a web-based recording link. This recording should be no more than 60 minutes. Presenters of other session formats, including pre-conference workshops, panels, and skill development, are encouraged to provide asynchronous material in a flipped-classroom style instruction. AALHE will communicate with each presenter regarding their session format and delivery.

How do I submit a video?

Recordings may be submitted to [email protected] in the form of a link to a cloud-based recording, Vimeo, or YouTube video link. Zoom, WebEx link, and other programs of your choice may be used to create this cloud-based recording. This link will then be embedded in the session entry of the conference schedule. Other formats, such as Mp4, may also be accepted. Please email [email protected] to send a link or receive the Dropbox link to upload an mp4.

Who should I contact for technical help during my presentation?

If at any point you have questions or concerns, please email Lorna Keach, AALHE administrative assistant, at [email protected].

Will my session have a moderator?

We are working diligently to provide a moderator for all scheduled sessions. However, please note that our moderator staff is comprised of entirely of volunteers and there will be sessions where a moderator is not available. If you have concerns that you will be unable to run a Zoom meeting room without a moderator, please contact Lorna Keach or [email protected]

How will I provide handouts during my session?

Handouts and presentation slides will be uploaded to your sessions' entry in the conference website. Additional means of sharing handouts may include providing attendees Google Drive links, Docs, Open Office, or another cloud-based storage platform of your choice. Attendees may download information from your session entry in the conference schedule or you may share during the session via the Zoom chat.

May I promote my session on Twitter or on other social media platforms?

Yes! While you may advertise and discuss your session via Twitter or social media, please do not share the Zoom meeting room links on public platforms to ensure session security. Please tag us at #aalheconf or @aalheorg.

What is the deadline to submit handouts, presentations slides, and videos?

We ask that presenters submit materials for their session as soon as possible before May 30th. If we have not received materials, recordings, or communication requesting extension after this point, the session will be removed from the conference schedule. Materials may be emailed to [email protected]

I need extra time to submit my video and slides. Who do I notify?

If you are unable to provide a video for any reason, or you require more time to provide presentation materials, we are absolutely willing to accommodate you.  We understand the multiple demands of our current realities and we do not wish to put undue hardship on our presenters. For that reason, we will extend this date by request.

Please reach out to Lorna Keach at [email protected] to let us know you require more time to provide materials. With these accommodations, we remind presenters to register for the conference by May 15th to confirm your session.


Updated 26 May 2020