AALHE 2024 Pre-Conference Workshops

The AALHE 2024 Conference – Trailblazing, Traversing, and Transforming: Cultivating Student Learning Through Effective and Innovative Assessment will bring together various communities that exist within higher education assessment through a dynamic learning experience. The Conference will take place June 3-6, 2024, in person, in Portland, Oregon.  Join us in-person as we reengage and learn together to support the assessment of student learning.

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Pre-Conference Workshops - June 3, 2024

This year we have one FULL DAY pre-conference workshop and two (2) AM and four (4) PM pre-conference workshops to choose from. Lunch will be provided for those who register for a full day workshop OR two half-day workshops. 

Pre-Conference Workshop registration is on the main 2024 Conference registration form. 

Full Day Workshop: 9am - 4pm (lunch 12pm-1pm)

Many Paths to Justice: Actionable Strategies for Transforming Assessment Practices through an Anti-Racist Lens (All audiences)
Erin Milne and Divya Bheda

Topics: Inclusion, Innovative Practices, Leadership for Assessment
Equity gaps persist throughout higher education. We want to be agents of change, but lack practical strategies for dismantling racialized barriers. In this highly-interactive workshop, we examine Okun’s framework of White Supremacy Culture, which positions White Supremacy not as individual bias, but as a network of cultural beliefs, attitudes, and structures, both covert and overt, that uphold the false notion that whiteness itself is valuable. We will explicate its components and foster reflective discussions of how they have shaped assessment. Participants will co-construct actionable strategies to disrupt White Supremacy Culture in higher education. The goal is not to shame or blame, but to foster a brave space in which to transform assessment toward social justice.

Half-Day AM Workshops: 9am - 12pm

FULL - Building a Holistic Data-Informed Assessment Culture: Strategies for Demonstrating Measurable Impact (All Audiences)
Mamta Saxena and Asim Javed, Northeastern University

Topics: Assessment for/in Teaching & Learning, Data, Evidence of Learning Improvement
This session will review steps and recommended practices for building a data-informed assessment culture that looks at student data holistically in the context of teaching and learning. Participants will assess their own institutions’ assessment data landscape, describe the current use of data to inform teaching, learning, and assessment, and begin forming a general plan of action. This workshop will be valuable to anyone looking to improve their decision-making capabilities based on the assessment data for a measurable impact.

Proof is in the Pudding: Proactive Integrated Assessment Practices to Maximize Learning for All Learners (All Audiences)
Terri Flateby, TL Flateby & Associates    

Topics: Assessment Across the Institution
Realizing assessment is more than measuring, assessment practitioners often advocate for interventions or plans to foster learning outcomes; however, assessment practices often remain more reactive than proactive. This workshop will explore modifying program theory (PT), with the aid of ChatGPT, and implementation fidelity (IF) to enhance student learning and assessment processes. Attendees will discuss applying key PT and IF elements to student affairs or academic program scenarios and will respond to guiding questions for each key element that will include disaggregating results by subgroups.


Half-Day PM Workshops: 1pm - 4pm

Using Logic Models to Organize and Track Student Learning (All Audiences)
Sheila Bustillos, Samuel Williamson, and Shafayat Islam, University of North Texas

Topics: Assessment Across the Institution, Co-Curricular, Practice/Application
Logic models are already the gold standard in program evaluation for many disciplines. In this workshop, participants will learn about logic models, understand how to use logic models for strategic planning, and leave with the tools to track logic models. Once participants learn how to create logic models, they can use their products beyond assessment, including for funding, reporting, research, and communicating success to assessment stakeholders.

Transforming assessment data from Canvas for PowerBI Visualization (Experienced Professionals)
Frederick Burrack and Brad Regier, Kansas State University

Topics: Data, Innovative Practices, Practice/Application
This session will guide participants through a step-by-step process of transforming data from Canvas export, so it is ready for visualization in PowerBI. Participants will be required to use a PC with PowerBI downloaded and the accompanying data sets provided by the session leaders. Transformations that prepare data for templates that will effectively enable visualizations across multiple contexts will be experienced.

Potions! Puzzles! Pumpkins! Using Engaging, Hands-On Activities to Transform Faculty Development and Assessment Research (All Audiences)
Faon Crystal and Carrie Pinchuk, College of DuPage        

Topics: Data, Innovative Practices, Professional Development
Are you looking for a way to transform faculty development around learning outcomes and assessment? Do you want to increase faculty collaboration around specific research questions? We will share a fun, hands-on professional development experience for faculty that also provides important data to help answer assessment research questions. You will leave the workshop with instructions and examples for all the activities we conducted with faculty. You will also have the opportunity to adapt these activities for your own context.

FULL - Assessment Basics: Starting or Rebooting an Assessment System 
(Assessment Directors/Coordinators of multiple programs new to the position or to the institution)

Fiona Chrystall, Kathleen Gorski, and Constance Tucker

Topics: Practice/Application,  Professional Development, Assessment Across the Institution
You asked, and we aim to deliver!  Feedback from our More than Bricks and Mortar: Foundations webinar told us that several of you are seeking direct practical, hands-on advice on how to set up an assessment system from ground zero.  There is no cookie-cutter solution, so we offer an opportunity for you to give us some more details of your particular situation and we’ll use the experience and expertise within our membership to match you with a mentor who can work with you during this 3hr workshop to determine some practical steps towards setting up effective assessment systems and processes.  Spaces are limited and early registration is advised so that we have time to address your needs as we prepare for our conference in early June.  Upon registration, you will receive an online survey to help us match you with an appropriate mentor and allow us to begin work on helping you out.  What are you waiting for?  Register now!




If you have any questions about registration or the AALHE 2024 pre-conference experience, please email [email protected].