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Ep 01: Fear and Learning in Assessment

Episode Summary

André and Erin talk with Dr. Catherine Wehlburg about the role fear can play in the work of assessment. They discuss how and why fear, specifically of failure, can get in the way of making meaningful change, and how to reframe the concept of fear into something useful.  We also talk about the NILOA Curriculum Mapping Toolkit, the K. Patricia Cross Academy assignment library, some upcoming events in the assessment world, and a new segment featuring you: our listeners!

Erin & Andre’s Cool Things:

Interview with Dr. Catherine Wehlberg

  • Webinar: Fearing to Fail
    •  Abstract: Many of the assessment reports that come in from academic and co-curricular programs indicate that “all outcomes are met” – as if that were a good thing. When programs can demonstrate that they are reaching all of their learning goals, there is no reason to change. Curriculum doesn’t need to change, pedagogy can remain the same, student engagement seems to be fine, and there is no need to really talk about transformation. This session explores the fear-of-failure that is part of higher education and develop action plans to overcome this so that we find the opportunities to improve and transform.
  • Assessment for Student Learning and the Public Good (Stitt-Bergh, Wehlburg, Rhodes, Jankowski)
  • Contact Information

    Upcoming Events & Important Dates

  • April 29-May 4, 2019: The Evaluators Institute, Chicago, IL
  • May 6: NILOA Excellence In Assessment Designation Applications due
  • May 14-15: Higher Ed Assessment Conference at NEC, Henniker, NH
    • NILOA Director Natasha Jankowski giving the keynote
  • May 28 – 31: 2019 AIR Forum, Denver, CO
  • June 10-13: AALHE Annual Conference, St. Paul, MN

Listener Segment

We want to hear short anecdotes about what’s working well in your corner of the assessment world!  Submit your audio to be featured on a future episode.E-mail audio files to or call (302)-8-ASSESS / (302) 827-7377

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Ep 00: Assessment Works Preview

We believe that Assessment Works... when it's done right.

In our new podcast through the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE), we'll highlight work in the field, and we want to hear from you! Send us audio recordings of anecdotes or questions to, or leave a message at (302)8-ASSESS.

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Assessment Works


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