2018 Call for Proposals

The Impacts of Assessment on Learning

The call for proposals is now closed. Please consider submitting a proposal for AALHE 2019 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, June 10-13, 2019.

We invite proposals that focus on the current and potential future impact of learning assessment on learning and change in higher education, and the implications for our current and future work. We will delve into research, best practice, and emerging trends in assessment of learning at four levels of impact:

On the Ground – learning and change in courses, activities, and experiences

In Programs – learning and change in majors, fields, disciplines, initiatives, and projects

In Institutions – learning and change in use of evidence, in decision-making practices, in self-study, and in evaluation of effectiveness

In the Enterprise of Higher Learning – in the educational mission, in guiding principles and expectations, in common practice, and in accreditation

Submission Instructions

Download as Word Doc template

All proposals will be submitted via the OpenConf online proposal submission and review portal OpenConf online proposal submission and review portal. We strongly recommend that you write an electronic draft of your proposal, including all information that you will be asked to provide online, PRIOR to entering information into OpenConf.

You will be able to cut and paste from your electronic document and insert text directly into each section of the online Proposal Submission Form. This assures that you won’t permanently lose any information during the submission process.Detailed submission instructions can be accessed here.

Save your Submission ID # and Password to later access your submission and the results.

Submission deadline: February 2, 2018

Contact email: conference@aalhe.org

Proposal Information

Session Format (select one)

Symposium (60 minutes) Moderated series of up to 3 presentations related to a common theme, focused on a concept, topic or practice. (Limit: 3 presentations, excluding moderator/organizer overview).

Interactive presentation (60 minutes) Single-topic presentation, led by a single presenter or pair of co-presenters, that is focused on a current or emerging concept, practice, or issue. Active and engaged participation of the audience is essential to the successful proposal.

Panel presentation (60 minutes) Themed and moderated discussion featuring the multiple perspectives of a selected panel of speakers. Panel discussions feature engaged dialogue between the panel members and audience.

Dialogue and/or skill-building sessions (90 minutes) Facilitated group discussion and work designed to address specific opportunities and challenges in learning assessment or develop greater skill in specific learning assessment practices.

Poster Presentations (60-90 minutes). Well-crafted graphic presentations of emerging theory, research, practice, models, concepts, programs or initiatives. Poster sessions feature short but engaging question and feedback exchanges with the presenter and interested members of the audience.

Excellent proposals will focus on:


• Research on the effectiveness of specific assessment models and practices in impacting learning outcomes.
• Research on the impact of systematic assessment on organizational learning and development.
• Research on the impact of assessment on patterns or cycles of disruption and innovation in higher education.


• Methods, models or tools that enhance the impact of assessment on intended learning.
• Relevant skills that support cycles of change and development in programs, institutions, or higher education.
• Methods and tools that support design thinking and strategic planning in learning assessment for current and future models of higher learning.
• Innovative and exemplary models designed to support evidence-based change.


• Emerging questions, issues, concepts and theories about the relationship between learning, assessment and change in higher education.
• The future of learning assessment in higher education in response to change in models of higher education.

Proposal Review

As in prior years, session proposals will be subjected to a peer review by multiple readers.

View the evaluation rubric as you prepare your proposal.

Your proposal should:

• Focus on models, practice, or research in the assessment of learning in higher education.
• Provide evidence to support the relevance, timeliness, and contribution of the session to the scholarship and practice of assessment of learning.
• Clearly identify learning outcomes for the session.
• Identify the most appropriate session format, with a justification.
• Demonstrate a viable strategy for engaging participants.
• Clearly and succinctly describe proposed handouts, media, or learning materials
• Identify any needed technological support to assure a successful learning experience for participants.
• Provide clear and succinct summaries of presenter qualifications

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the 2018 AALHE Conference!