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Friends of AALHE 2021 Online

Our sponsors play a vital role in delivering relevant and impactful professional development to AALHE members and the assessment community at large. This year our sponsors are involved with the AALHE 2021 Online Registration Grant to help facilitate assessment professionals around the nation to attend our online event regardless of financial ability or employment status. Please take a moment to thank our wonderful sponsors for helping us provide this opportunity and empower assessment professionals and our colleagues! 

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The Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System—AEFIS is the web-based assessment management platform that facilitates the collection and application of real-time assessment data. The scalable platform enables the continuous quality improvement of curriculum and fosters personalized learning by engaging administrators, faculty, students, alumni and industry.

Mustafa Sualp at [email protected]

Suzanne Carbonaro at [email protected]


Thank you, AEFIS, for sponsoring 26 grants for individuals to attend the AALHE 2021 Conference as well as a Speed Networking event!

JMU Center for Assessment and Research Studies
Blackboard is a leading EdTech company serving higher education, K-12, business and government clients around the world. We connect a deep understanding of education with the power of technology to continuously push the boundaries of learning.

Ruth Newberry at [email protected]

Laura Little at [email protected]

Christopher Heisen at [email protected]

Thank you, Blackboard, for sponsoring 3 grants for individuals to attend the AALHE 2021 Conference!

JMU Center for Assessment and Research Studies
The mission of the Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS) at James Madison University is to provide quality assessment service to the university, to provide applied graduate training in both assessment and measurement, to increase the use of innovative technology in assessment practice, to increase the rigor of measurement and statistical techniques used in assessment practice, and to produce quality scholarship in assessment and measurement.

Sara Finney at [email protected]

Keston Fulcher at [email protected]

Caroline Prendergast at [email protected]

Thank you, JMU, for sponsoring 3 grants for individuals to attend the AALHE 2021 Conference!

Nimblywise provides thoughtful and well-crafted instructional material covering all the key skills needed to become a critical thinker. We help campus administrators and faculty teach and assess foundational skills, as well as support career readiness and student reflection as it relates to these key soft skills.

Beth Ardner at [email protected]

Thank you, Nimblywise, for sponsoring 3 grants for individuals to attend the AALHE 2021 Conference!

For more than 20 years, Watermark’s higher education software solutions have helped faculty, administrators, and staff focus their energy on driving meaningful change at their institutions. Our integrated digital tools support assessment and accreditation, faculty activity reporting, course evaluation and surveys, and catalog and curriculum management. So we can definitely help with any of your processes on campus.  

Marie Farrell at [email protected]


Thank you, Watermark, for sponsoring 3 grants for individuals to attend the AALHE 2021 Conference!

 Adams State HEAL
 Weave helps institutions, programs, and accrediting bodies by simplifying the process for both institutional and programmatic effectiveness, including accreditation, assessment, faculty credentials management, strategic planning, and program review.

Sheri Popp at s[email protected]

Thank you, Weave, for sponsoring 3 grants for individuals to attend the AALHE 2021 Conference!

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Adams State HEAL
The Higher Education Administration and Leadership (HEAL) online program prepares higher education professionals to manage and lead in institutions of higher education, especially Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), and to enhance the success of the students they serve.

Andrea Benton-Maestas at [email protected]


Thank you, Adams State University, for sponsoring an individual to attend AALHE 2021 Online!