Exploring Institutional Issues or Projects

Institutional Members Only



Enhancing the value of an institutional membership, the AALHE Recruitment and Retention Committee (R&R Committee) developed an opportunity for institutional members attending the annual conference to address an issue or project related to the assessment for or of student learning they hope to resolve or implement at their institution.

Open only to institutional members, up to two institutional teams will be selected from brief project proposals submitted to the R&R Committee (click here for the online proposal form) that focus on “Exploration of Institutional Projects and Issues.” We encourage you to submit a proposal that specifically addresses a project or issue directly related to student learning. Selected teams will have special access to AALHE resources at the annual conference.

Procedure and Timeline

If selected, a minimum of three team members, including the team leader, are expected to attend the annual conference, June 8-11, 2020, in New Orleans, LA.  The team leader will serve as the main contact person for all communication prior to the conference.

Approximately one month prior to the conference, a coach from the AALHE Leadership or other AALHE member who has knowledge and experience with a team's chosen topic, will schedule a conference call with the Institutional Membership liaison or with team members from the institutions selected to discuss the proposed project topic for planning purposes.

During the pre-conference workshop day, each selected institutional team will meet with the coach to plan a preliminary course of action with associated milestones and a tentative timeline that will be implemented at their institutions. The team will determine specific questions and information needed to solve or explore their topic/issue/goal and will have the option of meeting with the consultant mid-conference. On the last day of the conference, the team and consultant will convene to discuss their plan for implementation at their institution. 

After the conference and the teams return to their campuses, the teams will finalize and implement their next steps.  



  • Submit a finalized action plan to the AAHLE committee summarizing the work that has been completed to date and outlining the next steps of the project. The implementation of this project should begin no later than the spring semester. Highlights from this action plan will be publicized in the November or December AAHLE newsletter. Due Date October 15, 2020
  • Submit a two-page reflection after implementation that is available to AAHLE members documenting a description of the project, how the topic or challenge was addressed and the successes and challenges along the way. Please specifically address how the outcomes of this project could benefit other institutions. This reflection is intended to provide information to colleagues who may be experiencing a similar challenge or issue. Due Date February 15, 2021


  • Submit a proposal to present at the upcoming AAHLE conference or facilitate an AAHLE -based webinar focusing on the project details, successes and challenges. Due Date February 15, 2021 or the deadline for the Annual AALHE Conference Call for Proposals – whichever is sooner.
  • Submit an article for publication in the Intersection during the summer of the first year of implementing the project following the implementation of the project. May 15, 2021


Terri Flateby, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President Institutional Effectiveness
Georgia Southern University 

Member, AALHE Board of Directors

Volunteer, Recruitment & Retention Committee
[email protected]