AALHE 2021 Online Conference FAQ

What is the audience for this conference?
In the past, AALHE Assessment in-person conferences have had 400 to 500 attendees from assessment and higher education backgrounds. Previous attendees have been institutional leaders and academics, Directors of Assessment, Administrators within Institutional Effectiveness departments, as well as experts in student learning and assessment, assessment systems, higher education systems. This year, as an Online Conference we expect to diversify that audience and expand the conference reach to a broader audience who may not previously have been able to attend an in-person conference.

How will this online conference be delivered?
Both live sessions and on-demand sessions will be offered via the conference platform, Whova. Attendees will be sent a login on June 1, 2021, one week prior to the event start. Live sessions will take place via Zoom meetings embedded in the Whova platform during the week of June 7-11, 2021, with on-demand and recorded live sessions remaining available until July 2, 2021.

Interactive networking and group events will also take place via Zoom as well as the conference platform’s community chat and messaging features. For a preview of these features on the conference platform, visit the Whova demo site.

Will AALHE cover any of my expenses?
We understand that many of our peers in higher education assessment are experiencing disruptions in their work lives with a continued need for professional development, so our Board of Directors has been hard at work crafting opportunities to make the AALHE 2021 Online Conference accessible to all. Individuals who would like to attend but are otherwise unable to pay the registration fee may submit a 2021 Conference Registration Grant Application.

Grants will be supplied by conference sponsors and donations, so funds may be limited. Grantees will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. Please note that only 2021 conference registration fees will be covered. Requests for full and partial grants may be indicated on the application. Non-Member conference registration is not eligible for this grant.

Applicants will be informed of grant decisions by May 28th. In the event of a large demand and funding availability, this deadline may be extended up until the first day of the conference. For any questions on the AALHE 2021 Online Conference Registration Grant, please email [email protected]

When is the last day to register for the conference?

Late registrations are available at any time before the conference platform close date of July 2, 2021, and these purchases may be made at the regular Online Conference Registration Rates. Reduced rates and registration grants are not available for late registrations.

The complimentary book, Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education, edited by Dr. Jane Marie Souza and Dr. Tara Rose, will be sent in two batches. Anyone registered before May 24 will receive the book in early June. Anyone registered after May 24 will receive the book in mid-July.  

Where will the conference program be posted?
The conference schedule, speaker and attendee profiles, and session materials will be available at the conference platform via Whova. The link to access the conference platform will be provided via email and listed on the front page of the AALHE website. Additional program materials will be posted on the AALHE website. Presenters and attendees must be registered for AALHE 2021 Online to obtain a user login for the conference platform via Whova.

I would like to view an on-demand session. What do I need to do?
The on-demand sessions will be included in the agenda of the conference platform as well as within the video gallery. These on-demand sessions, as well as recorded live sessions, can be accessed until July 2, 2021, three full weeks after the live conference dates. The embedded video as well as attached handouts, Q&A, and speaker information is included in the on-demand session entry. Session presenters may be contacted via the session’s Q&A  feature, the community chat, or individual messaging embedded on the conference platform. Attendees may use the “add to my agenda” to save these on-demand sessions for viewing. For more information, please visit the Whova User Guide.
I would like to attend a live session. What do I need to do?
The live sessions will take place via Zoom meetings embedded in the agenda area of the conference platform. Attendees may use the “add to my agenda” feature to save live sessions of interest. Questions before, during, and after the live meeting may be saved via the Q&A feature located on the same page. The live meeting presentation will take place at the day/time listed on the session entry. All times are listed in US Central time. Those meetings that allow recording will be uploaded as on-demand content after the meeting day/time and will be included within the video gallery area of the conference platform. For more information, please visit the Whova User Guide.

How can I connect with other attendees and speakers?
Multiple connection and networking opportunities will be provided. Our Speed Networking events will be hosted as Zoom meetings with the use of breakout rooms. Additionally, on every session listed within the agenda, a Q&A feature, chat room, as well as links to the community discussions are included. Conference participants may use the attendees tab to view others attending the event, with the option to direct-message attendees, and virtual meetup opportunities can be arranged via the community area. For more information on these features within the conference platform, please see the Whova User Guide.

I registered but I can’t attend the conference. Can my registration fee be refunded?
Unfortunately because the AALHE assessment conferences operate at-cost, we are unable to provide refunds at this time. A great deal of on-demand content will be available throughout the month of June, so we encourage attendees with scheduling conflicts to engage with the Online Conference on the Whova platform before July 2, 2021.

May I promote a session on Twitter or on other social media platforms?
Yes! While you may advertise and discuss your session via Twitter or social media, we ask that you please do not share the Zoom meeting room links on public platforms to ensure session security. This will enable us to avoid “Zoom-bombing” or other disruptive occurrences.

I have more questions that are not answered here. Who can I talk to?
If at any point you have questions or concerns, please email Lorna Keach, AALHE Administrative Assistant, at [email protected] or call the AALHE main line at 502-406-8012. During the conference dates, she will also be available at the AALHE 2021 Online virtual registration desk.

Updated 18 May 2021