AALHE 2020 Call for proposals: Pre-Conference Workshops

AALHE’s pre-conference workshops are designed to engage assessment practitioners in higher education with interactive professional development that helps them, and the profession, better understand assessment as a field and practice. In keeping with the 2020 Conference Theme “The Impact of Assessment on Equity in Higher Education”, we call for and welcome proposals for pre-conference workshops that focus on models, practice, or research in the assessment of learning in higher education, within the following tracks:

Designing Quality Assessment:This track presents sessions that provide guidance and examples of quality assessment in academic programs, including interdisciplinary, competency-based, and certificate programs.

Assessment for Institutional Effectiveness. This track presents sessions that address how assessment professionals can link metrics gathered for Institutional Research and external audiences to inform efforts focused more directly on the improvement of student learning.

Engaging the Campus for Quality Assessment: This track presents sessions that provide practices and models of campus-wide organizational structures, systems and processes such as collaborative communities, culture creation, and institution-wide systems processes at the macro level.

Evaluating the Quality of Methodologies and Data Analyses. This track presents sessions on how we, as a profession, evaluate models, tools, processes, and information for quality. This includes quality evaluation methodologies, analytical approaches, data interpretation and use, and issues related to validity, reliability and fairness. Submissions that address the role of assessment for improving equity and inclusion in higher education are encouraged.

Each proposal should include:

1.      Abstract/description for program (150-200 words)

2.      Proposal narrative


a. Workshop Description (150-word maximum)Describe a substantive professional development experience (major take-away) that merits the extended time and added cost associated with a pre-conference workshop.


b. Workshop Contribution (150-word maximum)Provide evidence to support the relevance, timeliness, and contribution of the workshop to the scholarship and/or practice of assessment of learning at institutions of higher education.


c. Workshop Outcomes (100-word maximum)Clearly identify measurable learning outcomes for the workshop.


d. Engagement of Participants (150-word maximum): Demonstrate a viable strategy for engaging participants in learning activities aligned with session learning outcomes.


e. Alignment of Learning Activities (150-word maximum): Clearly articulate the alignment of learning outcomes, learning activities, and mechanism for assessing learning.


f. Assessment of Learning Outcomes (150-word maximum)Describe a well-defined strategy for assessing participants’ learning.


3.      Presenter Qualifications (150-200 words): Provide clear and succinct summaries of presenter qualifications.


4.      Handouts and Materials (150-word maximum): Clearly and succinctly describe proposed handouts, media, or learning materials or provide copies.


5.      Participant Preparation (150-word maximum): Identify any needed technological support to assure a successful learning experience for participants. Describe:


a. technology attendees should bring to the workshop.


b. preparation attendees should complete before the workshop: for example, readings attendees should complete


c. describe materials attendees should gather and bring to the workshop (examples of rubrics, assessment plans, assessment reports, curriculum maps, etc.).


Proposal Submissions

All proposals can be submitted via the Submission Form.

Deadline for proposals is November 15th, 2019.