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Committee Information
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We invite you to be part of AALHE. Email if you are interested in serving on a committee.

Conference and Events

  • Chair: Monica Stitt-Bergh
  • Vice-Chair: Leah Simpson
  • Members: Renee Aitken, Taiwo Ande, Moreen Carvan, Kathleen Gorski, Leslie Harris, Cynthia Louden,  Shannon Milligan, Sharron Ronco, Tara Rose, George Smeaton, Jen Sweet  
  • Sub-committee Members: Laura Ariovich, Jodi Fisler, Jana Hanson, Dan Hubert, Jay Kahl, Kara Moloney, Terry Senne, Claudia Stanny, Carrie Van Haren, Sharon Walters

The Conference & Events Committee plans the annual Association conference and any other conferences, symposia, workshops, institutes, or other similar types of events that have face-to-face components, and make recommendations regarding such planning.

Executive Committee

  • Members: Catherine Wehlburg, Tara Rose, Monica Stitt-Bergh

The Executive Committee consists of the President-Elect, the current President, and the Past President and Treasurer. Its responsibilities include assuring the continued and effective operation of standing committees; monitoring progress towards the strategic objectives and making recommendations to the board to assure progress; planning the agenda for board meetings; regularly consulting with the President on operational decisions and carrying out executive functions as designated by the President; and planning and overseeing regular communications with membership.

External Relations

  • Chair: Jonathan Keiser
  • Vice-Chair: Teresa (Terri) Flateby
  • Members: Alexandra MacFarlane, Bernice Parker-Bell, Briana Marie Keafer Morrison, Catherine Wehlburg, David Turbow, Jana Hanson, Jane Marie Souza, Joan Ilene Hawthorne, Ruth Cain, Saeed Sarani, Stacy Voeller, Steve Hawks, Tim Melvin, Virginia Mansfield-Richardson, Margareta Knopik, Sharon McDonough,  Susan Perry, Yuerong Sweetland   

The External Relations Committee researches and makes recommendations for establishing relationships with external organizations, including governmental and non-governmental entities, as a means to further the mission and strategic objectives of AALHE. Such relationships may include but are not limited to grants, endorsements, and educational events.


  • Chair: Oscar Hern├índez
  • Vice-Chair: Tara Rose
  • Members: Oscar Hern├índez, Tara Rose

The Finance Committee reviews financial and budget documents; makes policy recommendations regarding financial and budget policies; considers the needs of the Association regarding growth and stability and makes policy recommendations on the structure and activities of the Association.

Member Services

  • Chair: Joan Hawthorne
  • Vice-Chair: David Eubanks
  • Members: Andre Foisy, Beverly Hamilton, Catherine Wehlburg, David Dirlam, Fashaad Crawford, Jane Marie Souza, Jean Downs, Josie Welsh, Lisa Mehlig

The Member Services Committee makes and implements recommendations, upon board approval, for the professional development services excluding those provided at the annual conference or other face-to-face events. Services may include, but are not limited to, regular newsletters, webinars, publications, and shared assessment resources. The Member Services Committee shall also provide recommendations for AALHE website design and content.

Nominations & Elections

  • Chair: Tara Rose

The Elections Committee develops a slate of nominees and conducts elections of the members of the Board of Directors and the President-Elect of the Association.

Recruitment & Retention (Previously Member Development)

  • Chair: Jeremy Penn
  • Vice-Chair: Oscar Hernandez
  • Members: Alana Malik, Anna Mroch, Ashima Singh, Curtis Jefferson, Leslie Harris, Sharon Walters, Jeremie Bellenir, Fiona Chrystall, Debora Ortloff, Jennifer Fager

Recruitment & Retention analyzes membership data, establishes membership targets, and provides recommendations for managing expansion and retention of members. These recommendations will include, but are not limited to, the conditions under which membership is established and renewed. This committee will also direct an annual survey of members.

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